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Absolute EPG Precision Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Grinding – Flat Grinding – Waterjet Cutting

AbsoluteEPG provides high-precision abrasive metal-working services for processing specialty metals and non-ferrous materials. We are well recognized in the industry with a history of over 75 years of operating.
Our success is tied to our shared core values of:

Building partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees


Offering high quality products and high precision services


Providing superior technical and service support


Continually improving our products and services


AbsoluteEPG Percision Grinding

AbsoluteEPG is a provider of high precision cylindrical and flat grinding services, abrasive waterjet cutting services, and specialty metal procurement. Industries we serve include aerospace, semi-conductor, medical, energy, defense, air tool, food processing, gear products, heavy equipment, and fasteners. We have received supplier quality awards and recognition from customers across the country.

AbsoluteEPG is a wholly owned division of Sawyer Technical Materials, LLC, a company that supplies high purity single crystal quartz for electronic and optical applications.