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Manual Internal-External Cylindrical Grinding

Saving Time and Money Using Efficient Machines

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Internal Grinding

Our Internal machines add to our grinding capabilities and decrease our lead times effectively. In addition to our CNC machines, equipped with I.D. capabilities, our manual machines expand our ability to grind larger hole diameters and well as longer lengths. This great combination passes along cost, as well as time savings.

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External Grinding

Our External machines, in addition to our CNC universal grinding machines, expand our ability to get your parts done on time! With very quick set-up times and "In-process" gaging you're assured quality, accurate products with a speedy delivery. We can handle just about any shaft product on the market. Single diameters, multi-diameters, shoulders, and radius corners.

Manual Internal External Cylindrical Capacities:

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Machine List
  • Heald Internal Grinders (4)
  • Milacron Internal Grinder
  • Norton, Fortuna External Grinders
Grinding Operations
  • Internal I.D.
  • External O.D.
  • (Internal) Max length: 20"
  • (Internal) Max OD: 14"
  • (Internal) Max ID : 10"
  • (External) Max length: 85"
  • (External) Max OD: 12"
Finish & Tolerance
  • 8 Rmax
  • .0002"
  • Alloy Steels
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool steel