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Specialty Metal

Specialty Metals Procurement and Value-Added Services

At AbsoluteEPG, we use abrasives to shape specialty metals into essential components used in many segments of industry. With over 75 years doing nothing but grinding, we have more experience with specialty metals than most shops have with regular steels. In particular, our experience with refractory metals like Molybdenum and Tungsten is well regarded internationally.

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Because of our extensive experience in this market segment, we have developed close relationships with specialty metals suppliers. As a result, we can quickly procure the correct raw material for customer projects. With our broad inventory of Molybdenum and Tungsten sheet and plate stock, we can out-perform the mills with one stop shopping and rapid response for time sensitive deliveries.

One of our most requested value-added processes is our high precision, “machine-ready” blanking service. High precision blanking is the process of creating a batch of parts completed to the overall finished dimensions of a critical component. Material is ground flat, parallel, square and uniform, on 2, 4 or 6 sides, within exacting specifications. If necessary, tolerances of +/-.0005 can be held on the thickness, width and length. Our customers then produce their finished parts in a subsequent